Way Out Economics 2022

On October the 4th, we'll be hosting a new economy conference in Bristol, where thinkers and practitioners will come together to share ideas and build lasting connections towards a new way of doing things - you can register your interest here.

Value Beyond Money

We are building a new kind of platform

Welcome to Bristol Pay

We are building a new kind of platform with two aims


Bristol Pay will create a social network where people and communities come together to collaborate across our city.


Bristol Pay will be a non-profit payment platform to raise funds for local projects.

What is Bristol Pay?


Bristol Pay will deliver a low cost, purpose-driven payment system for point of sale and online transactions. All users will have an account on the platform, this means the cost of payments is low, as no third parties (like VISA or Mastercard) are involved. By operating at scale, we can even raise funds for local projects across the city.

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What is Bristol Pay?

Tokens and Communities

Bristol Pay isn’t all about money. As well as holding money in your Bristol Pay account, you’ll be able to hold tokens. These tokens are like points in a game, counting social and environmental value. Bristol Pay tokens will count and celebrate some of the things not counted by money, creating a new normal around participation in our city.

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What is Bristol Pay?



  • Raise funds
  • Build Bristol Pay 1.0
    (MVP for token pilot phase)
  • Recruit and start pilot projects


  • Add payments functionality
  • Build Bristol Pay 2.0
    (full basic functionality for payments and tokens)
  • Launch in second city


  • Onboard first major chain
  • Launch in third city

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White Paper

Our vision is to grow our platform in Bristol, but bring our ideas to cities across the UK and the world, read more about our City Pay idea in our white paper